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Build 1835 Patch Notes 5/11/2007
Veröffentlicht von: Sain am 14. 2007 um 18:49 Uhr  

Gameplay Notes

- Item Power Rescale - Items have undergone some power rescaling. This was to address problems related to item usefulness -- these adjustments will make all higher-level items (post level 20) in Vanguard more viable for use.

When comparing the “goodness” of items of different rarity the disparity between the rarity levels became much too large at higher levels. This problem had many far-reaching repercussions. As a resolution, we have increased the amount of points (“goodness”) on common, uncommon and rare items significantly. This power increase scales up from level 20 where there is no change to level 50 where there is the largest change. Commons will get the largest increase, followed by uncommons and then rares. Heroics will not receive an increase. Also, in order to support our new item scale high-level legendary items have had a very small reduction in power.

- Briara Rathin, the Teleporter for New Targonor, has been moved to a location near the mainland side of the city (the bridge).
- Teleporters which send you to New Targonor will now teleport you to the bridge area of New Targonor, rather than the docks.
- Daniel Wamtin, the Dockmaster at the Wamtin Docks, will now direct players to Briara Rathin’s new location on the other side of New Targonor.
- Bonuses on items that where previously represented as a percentage (2% crit chance) are no represented as a rating value.
- Items with a resist bonus now provide more resistance.
- Items with hitpoint and energy regeneration now provide significantly more regeneration.
- Items with accuracy bonus now provide significantly more bonus.
- Buffs with a static duration (Paladin auras, shaman spirit bonds, etc) will no longer drop from the caster when leaving a group.
- Charm break chance has been slightly reduced and how often the thrall will try to break free has been slightly reduced as well.
- The penalty for charming enemies higher level than the caster has also been slightly reduced.
- Counter attacks now time out more slowly. If no other actions take place a counter attack will now time out after 8 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
- Some buffs were not stacking properly. This has been fixed and should increase player damage.
- PVP - Fixed a PVP bug where certain pet types could attack people below the min level.
- In an effort to reduce spam, you can now only send roughly two messages per second to a chat channel. This includes tells, ooc/regional channels, shout, and other channels such as the craft channel. This does not include groupsay or guildsay due to possible valid reasons for spamming in those channels and the players involved being able to "fix" abuse issues themselves with those channels.
- Fixed a bug where, if an item was at 0% durability and you dinged a new level, the mods for that item would actually be removed (resulting in death loops after parley sometimes because HP mods would be removed to 0 over time).
- Player Housing - Reduced the plot prices on Elandar Isle to be in line with comparable areas.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause pets to despawn when crossing chunk lines.
- You'll now be able to see invisible and stealthed group mates on pvp servers.
- Invisibility spells are now only castable outside of combat.
- Chat channels have been modified to be one region type per main continent
- Hoods have been added to all Cloaks. You can find the “Hide my Hood” option under the Settings -> Video -> Characters window should you wish to toggle them off.
- A new Cloak skin has been added.
- Reduced the amount of times an ability must be observed in order to be learned
- Increased the costs of abilities slightly past level 10
Adventuring Notes

- Paladin, Shaman - The strength debuff components of Hammer of Krigus and Judgement of the Proud no longer stack.
- Bard - Many bard abilities will now display new particles!
- Blood Mage - Many blood mage abilities will now display new particles!
- Cleric – Weapon Consecrations (Holy Fire, Power of Reprisal, etc.) now state the damage that they deal or amount they heal in their tool tips.
- Cleric – Removed the refresh time from Hallow. Go ahead and hallow when and where you want – it is your prerogative.
- Cleric – Adjusted Healers Focus and Castigator’s Fury as part of the adjustments to the class.
- Cleric – Maul of Divinity now lasts 2 minutes, up from 20 seconds.
- Cleric – Removed the refresh timer from Hand of Censure
- Cleric - Maul of the Gods now lasts 5 minutes, up from 2.
- Cleric – Removed the refresh time from Rout.
- Cleric – Removed the refresh timer from Maul of the Gods.
- Cleric – Added Hammer of Penance to trainers starting at level 6
- Cleric – Added Strike Down to trainers starting at level 2
- Cleric – Added Litany of Enjoining to trainers at level 34
- Cleric – Added Condemnation to trainers at level 36
- Cleric – Sacrifice now works differently. It now allows you to take all of the damage that was intended for your defensive target.
- Cleric – Sacrifice is now available at level 48
- Cleric – Added Armor of Faith at level 50
- Cleric – Added Favor of Vothdar to trainers at level 38
- Cleric – Added Favor of Vaelion to trainers at level 44
- Cleric – Affinities are now available.
o Visit Nehi Sekamqa in Ahgram to learn how to gain affinity to Death
o Visit Priest Raoul in New Targonor to learn how to gain affinity to Peace
o Visit Hana Pho in Tanvu to learn how to gain affinity to Preservation
o Visit Elandon Naeronum in Leth Nurae to gain affinity to Purity
o Visit Tar’iia Tem’erae in Hathor Zhi to gain affinity to War.
- Disciple - Many disciple abilities will now display new particles!
- Dread Knight – Removed particle effect from Dreadful Countenance until we can get in a better solution for it. (this means the particle will no longer interrupt other animations, etc.)
- Druid - Many druid abilities will now display new particles!
- Druid – Removed the 1 second delay before Quelling Wind became effective.
- Monk – Secret of Celerity no longer incurs global recovery when used.
- Monk – Drunken Fist now shows the correct icon and applies the correct buffs
- Monk – Iron Hand now displays the correct damage bonuses
- Necromancer – Well of Corruption now decreases strength and hit points by the correct amount
- Necromancer – Dead Man’s Bargain is now called Soul Meld and requires a Soul Fragment to cast
- Necromancer – Added Soul Fragment to Necropsy drop tables
- Necromancer – Increased the amount of hitpoints that are restored when Soul Meld is used
- Necromancer – Decreased the cast time of Soul Meld
- Necromancer – Soul Meld is now usable both in and out of combat
- Necromancer – Soulmeld no longer applies a debuff to the person being raised
- Paladin – Aura of Divine Power now properly attaches to group members
- Paladin – The DoT portions of the Valus finishing attacks will now always stack
- Paladin – Increased the chance that the Shield Of type abilities will fire, both on the paladin and his defensive target.
- Paladin – Slightly increased the healing portion of Shield of Solace.
- Paladin – Fury of Valus now lasts for 16 seconds
- Psionicist – Corporeal Hammer now has a 4 second cast time and 8 second refresh.
- Psionicist – Fixed a bug that caused Psionicists to deal less damage than intended when exploiting a weakness. Further increased the damage that PSi’s deal when they exploit a weakness
- Psionicist – Lowered cast time of most Psionic Blasts and most Mental Blasts
- Psionicist – All versions of Psionic Blast and Mental Blast now lowers your targets intelligence by a set amount.
- Psionicist - Phantom Thought should now function as intended.
- Ranger – Added upgrades to Nature’s remedy every 10 levels

- Ranger – Nature’s Remedy now takes 2 seconds to cast, is usable in combat and removes a set poison magnitude, rather than all poison/ disease.
- Ranger – Ferocity is now percentage based and increases endurance regeneration. It lasts for 30 seconds and has a 15 minute refresh timer.
- Ranger – Wind Talisman no longer increases melee haste. It now lowers refresh rate by 10% and endurance costs by 25%. It also makes Windsong better when activated (similarly to Whisper of the Wind).
- Ranger – Panther Talisman no longer increases evasion. It now increases your endurance by 20, increases HP regeneration and max HP.
- Ranger – Destructive Swarm is now instant cast and has an 8 second refresh timer.
- Ranger – Rancor now increases the damage of your group members every time it is used, rather than increasing the damage of every group member attacking your target.
- Ranger – Shocking Arrow now has a chance to stun.
- Ranger – Deadeye is now available as a secret chain.
- Ranger- Increased the damage on Foraged arrows.
- Ranger – Foraged Arrow Shafts can now be converted into Shortened Bolt Shafts and vice versa.
- Ranger – Added a chance to get more than 1 foraged arrow piece per forage.
- Ranger – Increased foraged arrow assembly to produce 15 arrows at a time.
- Ranger – Summer Cloak now grants a 50% proc on attack to give you strength. This is on top of your chance to proc when you get hit.
- Ranger – Thorn Cloak now has a chance to proc damage over time when you are hit.
- Ranger – The Maelstrom ability line has been added to your trainers. This is a 3rd step in your AE attack chain.
- Ranger – Splitting Arrow now only hits up to 6 targets.
- Shaman – Many of your healing spells have been assigned different icons
- Shaman – Boon of Bosrid now lasts for 1 hour.
- Shaman – Lethargy now lasts for 2 minutes.
- Shaman – Hammer of Krigus now lasts for 60 seconds
- Shaman – Added Ritual of Sacrifice IV to trainers at level 50
- Shaman – Ritual of Scarring now takes 3,000 hit points and returns 1500 energy
- Shaman – Ritual of Scarring is now 1 second cast
- Shaman – Kiss of Nag-Suul has had its cast time lowered to 2.5 seconds, its damage raised slightly and its refresh timer lowered to 10 seconds.
- Shaman – Flesh Rot and Bane of Krigus now last 32 seconds (which increases over all damage). Cost was slightly increased.
- Shaman – Firestorm now only hits up to 6 targets
- Shaman - Hammer of Krigus will no longer stack with itself.
- Shaman – Bite of Nag-Suul has had its progression altered to make for a smoother damage curve. The new progression is 22, 30, 38, 46, 50
- Shaman – New versions of Bite of Nag-Suul have been added to trainers at level 46 and 50
- Shaman – Strike of Skamadiz now has a refresh timer of 8 seconds.
- Shaman – Removed the refresh timer from Spear of the Ancients and Bite of Nag-Suul
- Shaman – Removed the refresh timer from Vicious Bite
- Shaman – Spear of the Ancestors now costs 10 endurance
- Shaman – Avatar of the Phoenix should now increase your fire damage by the correct amount.
- Sorcerer – Lowered the energy cost of the Taqmir’s ability lines.
- Sorcerer – Removed the refresh timer on Flame Spear and lowered the cast time to 4 seconds, down from 6 seconds.
- Sorcerer – Lowered the energy cost on Incinerate
- Sorcerer – Lowered the energy cost of Mimic
- Sorcerer – Blinding Fire has been added to trainers, starting at level 42, and upgrading every 8 levels.
- Sorcerer – Seradon’s Falling Star has been added to trainers, starting at level 38, and upgrading every 6 levels.
- Sorcerer – Mirror Ward and Nulling Ward are now group targeted.
- Sorcerer – Mirror Ward and Nulling Ward now have a cast time of 6 seconds.
- Sorcerer – Seradon’s Vision has been added to trainers, starting at level 34, and upgrading every 8 levels.
- Sorcerer – Asaya’s Insight has been added to trainers, starting at level 24, and upgrading every 10 levels.
- Sorcerer – Added new ability line Inidria’s Frigid Blast at level 50.
- Sorcerer – Added new ability line Inidria’s Inferno at level 34, upgrades every 8 levels.
- Warrior – Roar of Rage IV now has the correct 30 second refresh timer.
- Warrior - Power Attack should no longer raise weapon skills.

Crafting Notes

- Artificer - Artificers can make refined ship and house items in larger quantities after they obtain the proper instructions for doing so.
- Artificer - Artificer Truncheon recipes should now display the proper tool requirements.
- Artificer - The artificer’s Gwartak Clan Weapons recipe description now shows the correct tools used in the process.
- Blacksmith - Blacksmith’s can now make larger quantities of fasteners
- Blacksmith - Corrected the display description on the Blacksmith complication Flawless Work.
- Blacksmith - Fixed Blacksmith complication Bent Product.
- Blacksmith - Fixed Blacksmith complication Brilliant Work.
- Complications - Some new complication code has been added that uses the recipe level as a reference point instead of a raw skill value. This means complications and anything used to modify their frequency should work much like other aspects of the system in regards to the recipe contest. Please report any issues with complication frequency and be sure to include skill values recipe level and number of complications
- Complications - All complications that previously would get worse if left to sit too long now have a chance of getting worse instead of it being an absolute
- Complications - instances of Flawless work should now display the correct duration in their tooltip
- Complications - Firegrass Kojani Pillow should now display the proper trade in the tooltip
- Deconstruction - Molded Xifengite Hammer should now deconstruct properly
- Deconstruction - Xifengite Blast Barrier should now deconstruct properly
- Deconstruction - Sandstar Parrying Dirk should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Majordomo's Scale Greaves should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Infused Xanthiosite Girdle should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Average Faceplate of the Arcane should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Reliable Earring of the Arcane should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Reliable Pendant of the Lightfooted should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Reliable Pendant of the Arcane should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Saphor's Ring of Power should decon properly now
- Deconstruction - Forest Reaver should now deconstruct properly.
- Deconstruction - Reinforcement of Jerlixx should now deconstruct properly.
- Deconstruction - Decon resource tables have been tweaked slightly increasing the chances of ultra rare resources from rare decons
- Deconstruction - Cloaks of Revenge have been fixed and can no longer be deconstructed.
- Harvesting -The spawn and drop rate of harvested rare resources has been increased.
- Misc - Added equipment expertise to crafting tool and removed it from crafting toolbelts. Other slots have been adjusted.
- Misc - Horsehoe recipes will now produce horsehoes like before.
- Misc - Horseshoes are now flagged as BOE
- Misc - Fixed a bug that was preventing certain crafting NPCs from spawning.
- Misc - Experience per grade has been increased slightly
- Misc - Updated interdependence quantity requirements for Journeyman upgrade recipes.
- Misc - Blackened Drape is now deconnable by tailors instead of blacksmiths
- Misc - Utility bags now use EE instead of level limits
- Misc - Toolbelts now use level limits instead of EE
- Misc - Tools now use EE
- Misc - EE values for all crafting slots have been adjusted
- Misc - Rhaz Incur ultra rare items should no longer be deconnable
- Misc - Charred Zull Pauldrons should now decon correctly
- Misc - Removed the maker’s mark from items used in the assembly of ship masts.
- Misc - Riley McLare has more utilities for sale.
- Misc - The travel journal entry for “Southern Qalian Trading Post” is now spelled correctly.
- Misc - Taskmaster wanders have been adjusted further.
- Misc - Qalian and Kojani crafting stations have had new graphics added.
- Misc - Mekalia taskmasters will no longer be stuck.
- Misc - The action “Steady Cutting” has been changed to “Steady Needlework.”
- Misc - Typo fixed in the descriptions for Blacque special utilities.
- Misc - Special recipes that were not giving mastery experience should now give a small boost for first completion.
- Misc - Blacque Cleaner and Oil should work properly now.
- Misc - Many cloaks and necklaces with accuracy rating modifiers on them have had their stats fixed.
- Misc - Focusing Shards of Blocking have been changed to cash loot and removed from loot tables
- Misc - Some of the text for the Society of Invention’s Volt Star quest has been updated to be clearer. Additional dialogue has also been added to some of the Cabal members.
- Misc - Gift of Might should now proc on hit when applied to heavy and medium armor as intended
- Misc - Gift of might should no longer proc on NPCs
- Misc - T1 chest items that had their levels set to low have been adjusted
- Misc - Fixed some more cases of higher tier versions of dusts dropping off of low level work orders
- Misc - Thrown weapon stack sizes have been increased to 200
- Misc - Corrected some Tier 5 crafting gear that wasn’t spending all of its points.
- Outfitter - Fixed Outfitter complication Potential Disaster.
- Outfitter - Corrected many Outfitter work order recipes that were asking for the incorrect optional ingredient.
- Outfitter - Focusing Crystals of Power are no longer used in the Pristine Leather Lining Outfitter recipe.
- Outfitter - Focusing Crystals of Blocking can now be used in the Pristine Leather Lining Outfitter recipe.
- Outfitter - Outfitters can now make larger quantities of thatch
- Outfitter - Outfitter Steel Silk work orders have been fixed and now accept Steel Silk on turn in.
- Outfitter - Outfitter Vielthread Cloak recipes now accept basic Pristine Leather Lining.
- Outfitter - A typo in the Kojani apprentice outfitter quest has been fixed.
- Quests - The Merchant’s Guild quest concerning the volt star should now be available to Merchant’s Guild members.
- Quests- The Cabal volt star quest now requires you turn in the experimental volt star.
- Quests - Ralaan will now properly offer to help recover the volt star during the Society of Invention’s volt star quest.
- Quests - A few small crafting quests have been added to Ahgram.
- Recipes - Higher level banding recipes have been added to Kojani recipe trainers.
- Work Orders - You'll no longer be able to accept and abandon work orders to get a recently completed work order to be offered again.
- Work Orders - Work order reward tables have been tweaked slightly. The chance to receive crafting gear has been upped
- Work Orders - Some of the special crafting organization work orders in Ahgram and New Targonor have been updated with more appropriate rewards.

Diplomacy Notes

- “Out of Towners” and “More Out of Towners” now properly offer Hilthorn faction as a reward.
- All diplomacy expendables (House Blazon, Kini Verse, etc.) now can fit in Diplomacy containers.
- All diplomacy expendables have updated level and coin value.
- Parleys are available with bartenders on all continents now. You will have a separate option to parley with them for riftshards only. Every bartender will also now have a full compliment of tiered parleys (tier 1 – 5) that give appropriate loot. You will be able to parley at every tier you meet or surpass. Loot tables have also been expanded to include diplomacy consumables as well as a few new special rewards.
- Virtually all orc NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Diplomacy expendable items (such as Kini Verse, Paste Gem, etc.) now are stackable.
- Diplomacy items that previously granted a point of Dialogue Status at the beginning of specific Conversation Types now do so again:
o Orange Entertainers' Gown
o Orange Gown
o Orange Socialite's Gown
o White Instigator's Vest
o White Vest
o White Troublemaker's Vest
o Orange Communicator's Breeches
o Orange Speaker's Breeches
o Orange Speaker's Breeches
o Orange Breeches
o Orange Gossiper's Skirt
o Orange Speaker's Skirt
o Orange Skirt
- All tier 4 Diplomacy items now require Diplomacy skill 250 to wear/wield.
- All tier 5 Diplomacy items now require Diplomacy skill 350 to wear/wield.
- Returning Couriers, Courier Sergeants, and Ambassadors (Writ Placeholder NPCs) in New Targonor should no longer wander around the room indefinitely after a successful parley. They have found a new way out of the room!
- Diplomats with all three continental titles (Speaker of the Kojani Races, Advocate of the Qalian Ancestors, and Emissary of the Thestran People) can now approach the altar at the Ridge of Memories to earn the title Exemplar.
- Diplomacy Exemplars of at least 350 Diplomacy skill may want to attempt to figure out how to search the well-gnawed bones near the Prestigious Altar at the Ridge of Memories.
- Virtually all Thestran human NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all Kojani human NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks
- Card of “Flat Dismissal” will now properly scribe. - Held item rewards from bartender parleys have been updated to reflect proper coin values, presence values, and deconstruction.
- The quest “A New Wife for Omid” is available in Ahgram with Vizier Davood Khani in the Palace for diplomats of at least 401 skill.
- The quest line that began with “A Case of Children Lost” in Tawar Galan now continues with “Investigate the Disappearances” (101 skill required), “Extend a Warning” (201 skill required), “More Missing Children” (301 skill required), and finally, “Legends in the Islands.” (401 skill required). See Nepethe Riverborn in Tawar Galan to begin or continue this quest line.
- Players who lost their “Just Joking” card can now return to Dockhand Willem and exchange their extra card of “Breakthrough” for it.
- Pointer quests are now attached to civic diplomacy boards in order to direct players to major quest hubs and questlines.
- The quest “End the Squabbling,” followed by “Turn These Peacocks into Lovebirds,” is available in New Targonor with Myra Thornwood for diplomats of at least 401 skill.
- The quest “Blackmarket Mysteries” is available in Ahgram with Misha Mahdavi-Kia for diplomats of at least 301 skill.
- The quest “Bad, Bad Camarilla” is available in New Targonor with High Inquisitor Birswen for diplomats of at least 301 skill.

World Population Notes

- Afrit – Quartermaster Xalon now offers a rare cloak in exchange for searing stones once all of the other armor pieces he offers have been purchased.
- Ahgram - Ahgram guards should make a little more sense when you ask them for directions (a number of humorous typos and wrong directions fixed).
- Celestine Ward – Motes of ancient power are no longer governed by trivial loot code.
- Cliffs of Ghelgad - Adventures beware. Multiple new creatures are now roaming the highlands northwest of Gokin’s basecamp on the Cliffs of Ghelgad.
- Gorgalog Swamp – The unique vendor of the Ichtakhta, Flordiel, and Gorgalok has had scrolls added which teach players unique crafting recipes. These recipes play a major role in creating the improved armor pieces of the base quest rewards.
- Graystone - Players should no longer become trapped on top of the Graystone tower after defeating High Regent Yusel Targonor.
- Graystone - The summoned named encounters in Graystone have changed slightly.
- Jalen’s Crossing – The Air island of the Arks of Refuge has been retuned for small groups
- Jalen’s Crossing – The Gateway of Lao’Jin will now teleport players to the outpost of Kiyo
- Kaon’s Rush - There is now a missives board located in Arlinora’s Retreat.
- Khal – Bayside Outpost – A new quest has been added to guide players to Raia from the Bayside Outpost.
- Khal – A number of new quests have been added to Raia.
- Khal – Raia has undergone a significant population and quest pass.
- Khal - More quests are available to players in Khal at the new Ghelgad Outpost, located to the northwest of Gokin’s Base Camp.
- Lost Canyon – A quest-line designed for small groups has been added to the Lost Canyon. Players will want to seek out Khallem Mirrath in Winterclaw’s Resolution.
- Lost Canyon – Bards and Rogues may want to keep an eye out for a strange note the Sithar and Reshnok may have. Rumor has it that there may be a special item in the end.
- Nusibe Necropolis - NPC’s in Nusibe Necropolis can now grant abilities via observation.
- Nusibe Necropolis – Mummy Food and More Mummy Food had their Brains and Lungs requirements lowered a bit.
- Nusibe Necropolis – Mummies Gotta Eat Too – The Canopic Jars should spawn more frequently now.
- Old Targonor - Garzonag the Guardian should spawn much more often
- Quests – Talons of Telon (Upside Defense Garrison) – Additional Skawlra Scavengers have been added to the rocks around Scavenger’s Shallows.
- Quests - Jungle vipers will now occasionally drop flecked snake eggs for players who take the quest, “A Riddle of Cats and Reptiles.” Players currently on this quest may abandon it and re-take it from Farmouka to have a chance at the added drops. Note that gemscale anacondas will still drop the most flecked snake eggs.
- Quests - Rebuilding The Weapon: Lord Neferset will now teleport your group in range, rather than you alone.
- Quests - Starspark-related loot will now drop significantly more frequently.
- Rahz Inkur – Some fixes were made to the afrit/nusibe weapons upgrade event. Players should no longer have the issue where they cannot advance the event after placing the essences if another group failed the event earlier.
- Rahz Inkur - NPC’s in Rahz Inkur can now grant abilities via observation.
- Rahz Inkur - The quest ‘Friends are Found’ now gives an additional reward. Those who completed the quest in the past may take the quest again from Alloia Skotwuf and turn it in for the new rewards.
- Rahz Inkur – The quest ‘Willful Enemies of the Var’ should now automatically offer itself again once completed.
- Rahz Inkur – Searing stone drops within Rahz Inkur have been replaced with cards of fate. It should now be more rewarding to hunt within Rahz Inkur itself.
- Sands of Sorrow - Magmites now drop more searing stones.
- Veskal’s Exchange - Many new quests will now be offered to adventurers of appropriate level at Veskal’s Exchange
- Tahean’s Vengeance - A number of named NPC’s have been added to the overland areas around Tahean’s Vengeance
- Tahean’s Vengeance - The citizens of Tahean’s Vengeance have constructed a Missive Board and are now seeking help from all able bodied (and appropriately leveled) adventurers!
- Tehatamani Empire – Respawn timers inside the large pyramids have been increased by 10 minutes.
- Thestra - Many NPCs in west of Thestra that were not correctly marked are now undead. Have at em, guys!
- Xennumet - There is now a repeatable quest to regain access to and destroy All-Father Xennu.
- Xennumet - You should now be able to accept the dampening pulse weaponry quest.
- Xennumet - The item used to spawn the all father event will not be consumed if the all father is already up for another group.
- Xennumet - The all father event can now be accessed once every 40 minutes, available earlier depending on if he has been defeated or not.
- Xennumet - You can no longer destroy xennumet if the all father is alive.
- Xennumet - The all father event will now reset itself once destruction is complete. It will now be immediately accessible again after successful completion
- Xennumet - All the NPC’s in the final Xennumet dungeon have had their minimum levels increased to 45.
- Xennumet - All 3 of the sub bosses needed for the item to spawn all father will now have a “Shade” spawn in place of their loot dropping version. Shades will drop the key pieces 100% of the time and are on a much shorter respawn time.
- Xennumet - Drillzarax’s immunities have been updated to that of a Boss, which he is or claims to be.


- Eye of Zukayr level requirement has been dropped down to 45 from 50.
- New sub-50 dropped spells have been added to the depths of various level 30-40 dungeons.
- The Folded Xigenfite Greatsword has had it’s stats adjusted; it was, quite obviously, too fast.
- The Arazmus shortsword will now update to heroic when you use it on the Oracle of Fire ghost.
- The Skrill Bone Flute now correctly modifys Wind songs instead of Brass songs.
- The Swamproot Pipe now correctly modifys Wind songs instead of Brass songs.
- The Afrit quest weapons have had their proc rates and procs adjusted. The old procs were replaced with ones that will do normal cold damage against all foes but increased damage against Efreets; this should make them more useful.
- The Afrit quest Wand and Staff both now have right-click “wand” abilities like other staves and wands.
- Infineum Weapons and Armor are now Bind on Equip.
- More items have been added to the inhabitants of portions of Cragwing Ridge.
- New/more items have been added to the Xennumet area.
- All quested Xennumet items are now Soulbound.
- The Zossyr War Bow is now Heroic.
- Many higher level and higher rarity Adventuring Ranged Items have had offensive ranged modifiers added to them.
- Resadal, Bulwark of the Heavens has had a more elvish shield model assigned, as well as different particles.
- Particles have been re-attached to Damelun, Harbinger of Night and Yasoril, Celestial Avenger.
- The appearances of the Legendary rewards from Cragwind Ridge have been updated.
- The ability level of the “clickies”/activated abilities on Yanvil and the Staff of the Old World have been adjusted to correlate with the item’s level; they were previously higher than the item’s level, resulting in more damage than intended. They will still do significantly more than items of a similar level.
- Rylsca, Anari's Wrath and Tessoral, Tuniel's Mercy have had higher level and more elvish models attached, as well as different particles.
- Instrument models have been added to Instruments and will now appear when a song is played; animations specific to the equipped instrument will play as well. Some further tweaks to the instrument sizes may be necessary to account for racial size differerences skewing the animations.
- The items obtained in the final Xennumet dungeon have had their levels increased to level 45 to match the level increase of the NPCs that they drop from.
- Arazmus Daggers should now be recognized properly by abilities that require piercing weapons
- Some nifty particles have been added to the higher level Heroic weapons and shields in the game. More to come soon™
- Weapon models for martial fist “weapons” have been added. Currently, these use the “scabbard” position of normal weapons like swords so they tend to position themselves higher than intended (ie, where the hilt of a sword would be); future builds will fix this graphical anomaly.
- Some Focus item models have been updated
- Particles have been added to adventuring Heroic weapons that range from levels 21-40.
- The Hunter’s League caster weapon rewards have had their Not-So-Greatstaff models changed to Greatstaff models.
- Braelok's War Spear and Toguson Warlord Shield have both had their appearances updated and are now Soulbound.

Art Notes

- You can now see your chat display in bubbles above the speaker's head! To enable chat bubbles, look to the bottom of the interface page in your settings.

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