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Build 1818 Patch Notes 4/25/2007
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Game Updates April 25,2007
Vanguard Build 1818 Patch Notes 4/25/2007

- Riftway Stones have appeared at several altars throughout Telon and will allow faster transit through their magic. Scholars believe that these stones have simply been “out of phase” with the rest of Telon since the time of the cataclysm. In order to use a Riftway Stone to teleport you must acquire a Riftway Shard – now available at general goods vendors.
- Travelers must attune at each Riftway Stone in order to return to said stone via another Riftway Stone on the same network.
- There are currently three known Riftway Networks – each stone in the world belongs to one of these three networks.
- The Riftway Stones at New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan are only destinations – and may be reached via any Riftway Network.
- "You have gained experience" messages will now show the amount of experience and the source (e.g. group, fellowship, etc.). When regaining lost xp or debt, it will also say "you recover" instead of "you gain."
- The unicorn and shadowhound mounts are now set to their correct stats: Speed 70 and Stability 50.
- Endurance costs for large and medium melee damage over time attacks have been lowered.
- NPCs on the Lost Spirits of Vol Tuniel faction should no longer display a double faction hit
- Level 50 dropped only spells have been added to a variety of NPCs throughout the game world, these are fairly rare, enjoy
- Greatly increased the chance to gaining spell casting skill ups for Evocation, Conjuration and Alteration
- A player building can now be designated as the "Guild Headquarters". This will give all guild members basic access to the building. This flag can only be changed once every 24 hours. Only one player building can be the guild headquarters at a time.
- The "Guild Headquarters" designation can only be set by the owner of the house. The owner must be in a guild and the guild leader must be present in the same zone to confirm the action.
- When a player building is designated as the "Guild Headquarters" or when the designation is removed, all plot permissions will be deleted.
- You can now edit permissions for chests. If you have the ability to modify permissions for a house, you can choose the "Manage Chest" option by right clicking on the chest. Modifying a chest to use guild permissions will use the plots guild designation
- The Zarajian Camel has been significantly reduced in coin value.

- Protective and Offensive Fighters – Many abilities and melee attacks that add or remove hate are now based on strength instead of intelligence.
- Druid, Ranger – Goldenberries now actually regenerate you when you eat them.
- Cleric – Greatly increased the damage done by Turn Undead.
- Cleric – Turning attempts now regenerate every 100 minutes, down from 160.
- Cleric – An additional turning attempt has been added at each step.  The new progression is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
- Cleric - Turn Undead now has a refresh time of 2 minutes, down from 10.
- Cleric – Turn Undead is now nearly impossible to resist and is more likely to critical hit.
- Cleric – Turn Undead no longer Adds Damage over time or Movement Debuff
- Cleric – Turn Undead now stuns the target for 4 seconds.
- Cleric – Turn Undead now progresses differently to make for smoother damage progression.  The new progression is 10, 18, 26, 34, 42, 50.  A new version is available on trainers at 50.
- Cleric – Lull is now an alteration spell.
- Cleric – Pacify is now instant cast with an 8 second refresh timer
- Cleric – Increased the energy cost of Pacify
- Cleric – Pacify is now an Alteration spell.
- Cleric – Divine Chains now has a cast time of 1.5 seconds and has no refresh timer
- Cleric – Lowered the cast time of Purification to 2 seconds.
- Disciple – Added Touch of Discord and Grasp of Discord to trainers. You must train these abilities before your Discord chain will work.
- Disciple – All bonds now last 2 minutes
- Disciple – Lao’Jin Flare is no longer affected by global recovery.
- Disciple – Cyclone Kick now has an increased chance to score a critical hit.
- Disciple – Added Endowment of Enmity.
- Disciple – Added the ability line Purify to your trainers. This line starts at level 10 and upgrades every 10 levels afterwards.
- Dread Knight – Increased the power of Provoke
- Druid – Quelling Wind has been added to trainers at level 16. Upgrades every 16 levels thereafter.
- Monk – The Secret of Ice line now lasts its correct duration, 40 seconds.
- Monk - Many monk abilities will now display new particles.
- Monk – Wave Hand in Cloud no longer has an energy cost
- Necromancer - Many necromancer abilities will now display new particles.
- Necromancer – Crippling Blight’s Tooltip has been updated to be less ambiguous
- Paladin – Increased the power of Upbraid
- Psionicist -    Many psionicist abilities will now display new particles.
- Ranger – The endurance cost of Critical Shot has been lowered to 25, down from 36
- Ranger – Critical Shot now deals extra damage when used from stealth
- Ranger – Calm Creature and Frighten Creature now work on Fey creatures as well
- Ranger – Fleetblade now has an increasing chance to crit as you upgrade it
- Ranger – Splitting Arrow is now an AoE instead of a cone.
- Rogue – Escape is no longer tied to the refresh time of Smokebomb
- Rogue – Quickblade no longer incurs global refresh when activated
- Rogue – You should no longer be resistant to using Scroll of Wolf’s Legs.
- Warrior – Battle Cries can now be used in or out of combat.
- Warrior – Power Attack’s energy cost has been halved.
- Warrior – Power Attack is now only usable while in combat.
- Warrior - Power Attack will now cause the warrior to gain Unyielding Might if used continuously for 15 seconds. Unyielding Might further increases the warrior’s damage.
- Warrior – Removed the mitigation penalty on Defensive Form.
- Warrior – Removed the damage penalty on Offensive Form.
- Warrior – Infuriating Shot now costs the correct amount of endurance (18)
- Warrior – Rend Armor now costs 28 endurance
- Warrior – Waylay can now be used in either form.
- Warrior – Taunting Strike now costs 20 endurance
- Warrior – Increased the power of Taunt slightly
- Warrior – Increased the hate over time caused by Stinging Cut and Blade’s Bite.
- Warrior – Roar of Fury now has a refresh timer of 30s and the amount of hate it adds has been increased.
- Warrior – Group commands now affect the Warrior giving the command as well as the rest of the group.
- Warrior – Defenseless and Cleave can now be used in either form.
- Warrior – Shield of Maiming is now available at trainers starting at level 12
- Warrior – Shield of Carnage is now available at trainers starting at level 28
- Warrior – Double text lines on Destroy and Obliterate have been fixed
- Warrior – Battle Frenzy now costs 10 endurance
- Warrior – Overwhelm now states that it adds hate
- Warrior – Overwhelm now costs 22 endurance

- Crafted items are now flagged as BOE
- Artificer - Focusing Shard of Knowledge should now be labeled correctly
- Artificer - Focus items should now have healing dispersion effect attached
- Artificer - Specter idols should have their effects attached
- Artificer - Crafted bows should have the proper continental effects
- Complications – Uneven Modification should no longer have an effectiveness penalty
- Complications – Intense Focus should now give the proper effectiveness bonus
- Complications – Double complications should no longer occur
- Complications – Quick shaping should now give the proper action point cost bonus
- Deconstruction – Ensorced Enduring Mantle should no longer be deconnable
- Deconstruction – Groush’s Staff should now decon properly
- Deconstruction – Jewelry and Focus item deconstruction should no longer drop dusts that cannot be used on them
- Deconstruction – Jewelry decons should no longer drop outfitter orbs/spheres
- Deconstruction – Small Silver Earring should decon correctly now
- Deconstruction - Artificer decon should no longer penalize you when you get to 100%
- Deconstruction - All of the following should decon properly now:
                Amalgamated Xanthoxenite Power Girdle
                Amalgamated Xanthiosite Reinforcements
                Composite Xanthoxenite Reinforcements
                Jointed Xanthoxenite Helm
                Assimilated Xanthoxenite Boots
                Fused Xanthoxenite Choker
                Twisted Xanthoxenite Ring
- Harvesting – Bloodwood Sap should no longer make you unable to die.
- Misc - Reinforcment items should no longer drop as they were not being used
- Misc - Robes made with the new health or energy abilities should now have the effect attached properly
- Misc - Descriptions for health and energy dusts have been updated
- Misc - Bows/Crossbows should have their continental effects and procs in the correct slots now
- Misc - Dark venom should give the proper feedback now
- Misc - Crystals of Conservation have been converted to cash loot and removed from loot tables
- Misc - Focusing Crystals of Power’s description has been updated. Leather strapping was an invalid option for this dust.
- Misc -  Various Renewed weapons have had their points adjusted so the energy regen effect could be applied correctly
- Misc - Crafted items now follow the max level cap of 53
- Misc - Crystals of Focus have been removed from loot tables and turned into cash items
- Misc - Qalian continental effect has been updated:
                Tier 2 -Chance to heal for 6 to 10 on attack
                Tier 2 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Spiritual and Arcane
                Tier 3 -Chance to heal for 6 to 10 on attack
                Tier 3 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Spiritual and Arcane
                Tier 3 - Increases Hit point max by 8
                Tier 4 -Chance to heal for 6 to 10 on attack
                Tier 4 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Spiritual and Arcane
                Tier 4 - Increases Hit point max by 8
                Tier 5 - Increases Spiritual and Arcane resists by 3
                Tier 5 - Chance to heal for 6 to 10 on attack
                Tier 5 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Spiritual and Arcane
                Tier 5 - Increases Hit point max by 8
                Tier 5 - Increases Spiritual and Arcane resists by 3
                Tier 5 - Arcane damage shield +5
- Misc - Kojan continental effect has been updated:
                Tier 2 - All Damage +3
                Tier 2 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Physical and Mental
                Tier 3 - All Damage +3
                Tier 3 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Physical and Mental
                Tier 3 - Increases Energy max by 8
                Tier 4 - All Damage +3
                Tier 4 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Physical and Mental
                Tier 4 - Increases Energy max by 8
                Tier 4 - Increases Physical and Mental resists by 3
                Tier 5 - All Damage +3
                Tier 5 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Physical and Mental
                Tier 5 - Increases Energy max by 8
                Tier 5 - Increases Physical and Mental resists by 3
                Tier 5 - Physical damage shield +5
- Misc - Thestra continental effect has been updated:
                Tier 2 - Accuracy + 1%
                Tier 2 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Fire and Cold
                Tier 3 - Accuracy + 1%
                Tier 3 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Fire and Cold
                Tier 3 - Increases AC by 8
                Tier 4 - Accuracy + 1%
                Tier 4 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Fire and Cold
                Tier 4 - Increases AC by 8
                Tier 4 - Increases Fire and Cold resists by 3
                Tier 5 - Accuracy + 1%
                Tier 5 - Adds +8 to spell damage types Fire and Cold
                Tier 5 - Increases AC by 8
                Tier 5 - Increases Fire and Cold resists by 3
                Tier 5 - Fire damage shield +5
- As always each piece added stacks this effect increasing these numbers.
- Outfitter - Updated many Outfitter work order recipes that specified they required strengthener rather than the softener needed.
- Outfitter - Shadoweave bags should no longer be labeled as Bloodweave
- Outfitter - Rare cloth and leather refining recipes now have enhancements listed in their descriptions

- Time requirement has been removed from “Follow Those Robes”
- Bartenders around Telon are now happy to chat it up with their patrons. They may prove generous to those who win their favor, passing out free drinks, free food, riftway shards, and every now and then, something quite valuable.
- Ambassador’s Weeds once again give noble presence. However, quests with House Remniol now offer a choice between noble and academic versions of them.
- Ambassador’s Rod will once again properly display a model.
- The Civic Diplomacy lever “Simple Pleasures” in Tursh now correctly reduces the “Cheer the People” lever.
- Virtually all wood elf NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all varanthari NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all varanjar NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all dark elf NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all dwarf NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all gnome NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all goblin NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all half elf NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all lesser giant NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all halfling NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all vulmane NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all raki NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all kurashasan NPCs now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Virtually all special race NPCs (such as mummies, ghosts, spirits, wisps, etc) now have upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Other NPCs also assigned upgraded diplomacy decks.
- Travel journals have been updated for the web quest “Gather Information Check” to correctly display Roofrunner Firuz’s location.
- A travel journal location for Erdur has been added to “A Horselord’s Force.”
- The cards “Simple Allusion”, “Absolution”, and “Breakthrough” will now successfully teach their abilities.
- Dockhand Quentin has gone back on his temporary vow of silence and will now talk to PCs who are working on Breaking into the Business.
- Weaver Jekaqie outside of Khal is can now trade in certain quest rewards from the Ahgrammun lines. Should players accidentally double up on a certain station’s reward, they may trade her like for like.

- Afrit – Guard Captain Rexmal now offers an additional quest to slay those who oppose the Var Efreet.
- Afrit – Players who have more than 10k Var Efreet faction will be able to start the weapons quest with Handler Aerco.
- Afrit – Players who have gotten their first upgrade to Arazmus may want to speak with Handler Aerco again.
- Ahgram - Be careful carrying fish within the Ahgram city limits. Smelly Cat may believe you’ve stolen it from him and become quite hostile.
- Ahgram - Smelly Cat has been itemized.
- Ca’ial Brael - Warrior Defensive Stance Quest – Maghra Firelash will now speak to you so you may finish the quest.
- Celestine Ward – The quest ‘Hounds of the Wetlands’ now has a lower kill requirement.
- Frostshard Lake - Ancestral Reverents will now appear more often in Frostshard Lake.
- Gorgalog Swamp - Named Ichtakhta will now drop the appropriate shoulder component.
- Gorgalog Swamp - "Shimmering Silverbark" armor now correctly requires "Forest Enchanted" armor as its base component.
- Jalen’s Crossing – The Fire, Earth, and Water Islands of the Arks of Refuge have been retuned for small groups
- Jalen’s Crossing – The main Island of the Arks of Refuge has been retuned for solo players
- Khal - The Bayside Outpost in Khal has a new questgiver, Tabar Wapashta. He gives 5 new quests appropriate for level 5 players.
- Khal - The Bayside Outpost and the surrounding area near Khal has undergone a content pass. There are many new quests to complete, enemies to fight, and rewards to discover.
- Ksaravi Gulch - The challenge rating (dot value) of many of the NPCs in the Gulch dungeon have been retooled to allow smaller groups to venture deeper into the dungeon.  A solo section of this dungeon now exists as well.  Additional quests for this area are in development.
- Northern Highlands - A once famous performer that lives in the Northern Highlands now offers a quest for level 30 to 35 bards.
- Nusibe Necropolis – The God King has gotten better at opening the rifts for his minions and will now summon them wherever he stands.
- Nusibe Necropolis – The God King’s minions have been scaled down in difficulty.
- Nusibe Necropolis – Players who have not already completed The Missing Shards quest may trade in their hilt with Berakut for another, though he may not be so willing to do so for nothing.
- Quests - Dying during the quest “Camel Round-Up” should no longer gate the quest.  Other players camels should also no longer despawn when you turn your camel in.
- Quests - The quest “Water Collection” should no longer display the waypoints for the quest “Ancient Knowledge”.
- Quests - The Dice Man – Increased the drop rate on the Thunderhorn Horns and Legion Wasp Carapace.
- Quests - Hunters League:  Spellcasters should now be capable of receiving and completing “The Hunt Continues” like all other archetypes
- Quests – Hunter’s League quest line – Upped the drop rate of the following items needed for the Hunter’s League quest line: Vial of Corruption, Living Flame, Patch of Zombie Flesh, Skrilien Hide, Fairy Wing, Cyclops Eye, Lizardman Bone and Sapper Wing.
- Quests – The Tehatamani Ambassador should now update the quest Hero’s Strength, rather than the Pharaoh
- Quests – Players who have deleted their Hero’s Strength item can hail Silko Guikosha to begin a quest to retake their trial
- Quests – Players who have deleted their Tranquil Thought item can hail Shabaqen Hasshqo to begin a quest to retake their trial
- Quests - The quest Ancient Knowledge is now marked as Small Group.
- Quests – By Night – The Large Stalking Wolf will now drop the necessary quest component for all members of a party that are on that step of the quest. The Large Stalking Wolf is also locked to a group, so that when one group spawns him, no other groups can engage him until either he is killed or despawns.  If you cannot hit the wolf, then return in a few minutes and try again.
- Quests – By Night - The mechanic for completion of Sona’s escort has been changed.  This should prevent players from not being able to finish the quest, provided they escort Sona to her uncle.  Also, Sona is now able to be attacked by the wolves that are hunting her (which means that she is susceptible to attack from players as well – watch where you swing!). 
- Quests – By Night - The final battle with Grelrin has been made easier.  While it is still difficult, the fight should be more manageable for a level-appropriate group.
- Quests – By Night - The reward for completing the By Night quest line has been bumped up slightly.
- Rakshasa Citadel - Players should now be able to talk to Fuer Tet in the main hallway
- Rakshasa Citadel - Fixed an issue where the wrong version of Fuer Tet was spawning when you killed the last Energy Guardian
- Rakshasa Citadel - Players can now access the Descrier Plane after they complete the main quest line
- Rakshasa Citadel – The Ring of the Rakshasa can be completed up to a certain point but the full quest path is currently turned off
- Rakshasa Citadel – The Ring of the Rakshasa drop rate has been significantly reduced in the citadel
- Rakshasa Citadel - All of the side-quests have received various tuning updates—mostly to fix some small issues with quest counters/quest bits
- Rahz Inkur - Several items from the high tier summoned NPCs have been increased from rare to heroic.  Those items that were not soul bound in the past will be soulbound in a future patch – you have been warned. This affects loot from the following NPCs:
                Aluul (The Schism)
                Djuul (The Uniter)
                Khorr (Ravager of Chaos Undivided)
                Shaluu (Lord of Divided Unity)
- Rahz Inkur - Several items from the mid tier summoned NPCs have been increased from uncommon to rare.
        This affects loot from the following NPCs:
        Ahzali (The Divided Lord)
        Rulz (Dreadbringer of Chaos)
        Salizi (The Lawbringer)
        Torlaxis (Greathound of Rahz)
        Zelahi (Torchbearer of Unity)
- Rahz Inkur - Several Mid Tier Rare NPCs have had their uncommon items upgraded to rare.
        This affects the following NPCs:
        Heroic Gorehorn
        Ahzek the Templar (Chosen of the Zull)
        Zuthalis (Merchant Prince of the Zull)
        Razthil (Flamemaster of the Zull)
        Nefarious Titan
        Salimar the Champion
- Rahz Inkur - The various worshipers of the Zull found on the western side of the city no longer share the same immunity sets as their masters the Zull Efreet
- Rahz Inkur Overland - The Efreeti Wayfarer is now correctly sized and wearing clothing.
- Rahz Inkur - Flameshell and Pyrewing will now drop two items each per kill
- Renton Keep – Appeasing Tharridon will now update correctly. Players who missed the update for step one when completing Fulfilling Their Needs should speak with Trisda Sentle.
- Southern Thestra - Celestial Captains and Matrons of Gloriann will now be more frequently seen in southern Thestra.
- Shrine of the Flame - Canyon lizards in Shrine of the Flame are now less stuck.
- Spider Bluffs - Spider Bluffs locations are now categorized under Western Northern Plains.
- Strand of the Ancients - High Archon Nez’riss, Beastmaster Nerik’ssez, Bloodletter Ssrek, Hexscale Hra’kez, Primalist Zez’iss, Warlord Thrak’ssez, Jek’rissik the Champion, Thaumaturge Lass’revik, and Vor’issk will now always spawn their respective banners upon death.
- Strand of the Ancients - War Banner of High Archon Nez’riss no longer behaves like Narahari’s Phial.
- Strand of the Ancients - Veteran’s War Banner no longer behaves like Narahari’s Phial.
- Tar Janashir - Ashwara of Tar Janashir is now on the correct faction table (Tar Janashir, not Upside Defense.)
- Temple of Dailuk – Tautiren Hunters are KOS again.
- Tiberian Wildwood - The shadowhound camp in the Tiberian Wildwood has been expanded.
- Tomb of Lord Tsang - Dialog for the weapons of Tsang’s Tomb has been updated: Please remember that when you place the gems on the pillar, you have to click on the weapon to remove it from the pedestal
- Trengal Keep - The Heart of Karujin Gulgrethor is no longer attached to the quest "Slime Siphoning".
- Vsurog Moor - Quest armor rewards will now be given out by the Gorgalok Quartermaster instead of the Council of Elders. Please return all quest items to the Quartermaster from now on.
- Vsurog Moor - The road sign outside Vsurog Moor should now display the correct directions to Ichtakhta and Flordiel.
- Xennumet - Several NPCs within the dungeon now see invisible and perceive sneaking players more easily
- Xennumet - the levels of named/boss NPCs in the xennumet dungeon have been increased to 45
- Xennumet - the quest to spawn one of the bosses in the underground xennumet dungeon can now be repeated
- Xennumet - more xennumet mobs now have faction and will be attack on sight.
- Xennumet - Xennumet bosses will now be much more resistant to status affecting spells such as fear, slow, etc.

- World Loot Tables have been reworked significantly; the jewelry has been replaced with more useful jewelry and more items have been added. 
- “Specialized” loot has been added to the World Loot Tables; “specialized” refers to Plate for Healers, Cloth for Healers and Chain/Scale for Nukers.  This loot does not share the same loot table as the rest of the World Loot Tables so as to avoid saturating that already large loot table; as such, if you happen to get lucky enough to get one of these items, keep in mind that it isn’t “replacing” a “normal” drop.
- The Dwarven Dagger of Destruction has been tweaked slightly and has had a proc added to it.
- T2 Brute’s armor should now match
- Relatively few higher level shields have had their appearances updated.
- Some parrying daggers have had their appearances updated appropriately.
- The upgraded, quested Afrit weapons have been slightly improved.
- Many Adventuring Armor appearances have been updated.  In general, this means that the changed armor now has the correct contintenal appearance as well as level range.  In most instances, this change should result in higher quality appearances.  In a few cases (ie, Dargun’s Tomb), the appearances were shifted downwards to their correct tier.  Such occurances should be few and far between, while the majority of changes should enhance the look of said armor.
- Majordomo’s Scale Greaves has been increased to rare status from uncommon
- Seskarlan’s Bauble has been increased to rare status from uncommon
- Flamesinger has been increased to heroic status from rare – this item will change to being soulbound in a future patch, you have been warned
- Drum of Zezzexxezzexx is now level 50, it was previously marked as level 45

- The player housing information window has had some fields moved to the Admin tab.

- There is a new programmable shader caching system to reduce hitching. You will hitch a bit more than usual while programmable shaders are cached the very first time you see a different material type in game. This is the last time *all* shaders will need to be recompiled. Hitching should be greatly reduced afterwards.

~The Vanguard Team

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