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Build 1817 Patch Notes 4/20/2007 Testserver
Veröffentlicht von: Gryphus am 25. 2007 um 08:13 Uhr  

Vanguard Build 1817 Patch Notes 4/20/2007 – TEST SERVER


- Riftway Stones have appeared at several altars throughout Telon and will allow faster transit through their magic. Scholars believe that these stones have simply been “out of phase” with the rest of Telon since the time of the cataclysm. In order to use a Riftway Stone to teleport you must acquire a Riftway Shard – now available at general goods vendors.
- Travelers must attune at each Riftway Stone in order to return to said stone via another Riftway Stone on the same network.
- There are currently three known Riftway Networks – each stone in the world belongs to one of these three networks.
- The Riftway Stones at New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tawar Galan are only destinations – and may be reached via any Riftway Network.
- "You have gained experience" messages will now show the amount of experience and the source (e.g. group, fellowship, etc.). When regaining lost xp or debt, it will also say "you recover" instead of "you gain."
- The unicorn and shadowhound mounts are now set to their correct stats: Speed 70 and Stability 50.
- Endurance costs for large and medium melee damage over time attacks have been lowered.

- Protective and Offensive Fighters – Many abilities and melee attacks that add or remove hate are now based on strength instead of intelligence.
- Druid, Ranger – Goldenberries now actually regenerate you when you eat them.
- Dread Knight – Increased the power of Provoke
- Disciple – Added the ability line Purify to your trainers. This line starts at level 10 and upgrades every 10 levels afterwards.
- Paladin – Increased the power of Upbraid
- Warrior – Power Attack’s energy cost has been halved.
- Warrior – Power Attack is now only usable while in combat.
- Warrior - Power Attack will now cause the warrior to gain Unyielding Might if used continuously for 15 seconds. Unyielding Might further increases the warrior’s damage.
- Warrior – Removed the mitigation penalty on Defensive Form.
- Warrior – Removed the damage penalty on Offensive Form.
- Warrior – Infuriating Shot now costs the correct amount of endurance (18)
- Warrior – Rend Armor now costs 28 endurance
- Warrior – Waylay can now be used in either form.
- Warrior – Taunting Strike now costs 20 endurance
- Warrior – Increased the power of Taunt slightly
- Warrior – Increased the hate over time caused by Stinging Cut and Blade’s Bite.
- Warrior – Roar of Fury now has a refresh timer of 30s and the amount of hate it adds has been increased.
- Warrior – Group commands now affect the Warrior giving the command as well as the rest of the group.
- Warrior – Defenseless and Cleave can now be used in either form.
- Warrior – Shield of Maiming is now available at trainers starting at level 12
- Warrior – Shield of Carnage is now available at trainers starting at level 28
- Warrior – Double text lines on Destroy and Obliterate have been fixed
- Warrior – Battle Frenzy now costs 10 endurance
- Warrior – Overwhelm now states that it adds hate
- Warrior – Overwhelm now costs 22 endurance


- Artificer - Focusing Shard of Knowledge should now be labeled correctly
- Artificer - Focus items should now have healing dispersion effect attached
- Artificer - Specter idols should have their effects attached
- Artificer - Crafted bows should have the proper continental effects
- Complications – Uneven Modification should no longer have an effectiveness penalty
- Complications – Intense Focus should now give the proper effectiveness bonus
- Complications – Double complications should no longer occur
- Complications – Quick shaping should now give the proper action point cost bonus
- Deconstruction – Ensorced Enduring Mantle should no longer be deconnable
- Deconstruction – Groush’s Staff should now decon properly
- Deconstruction – Jewelry and Focus item deconstruction should no longer drop dusts that cannot be used on them
- Deconstruction – Jewelry decons should no longer drop outfitter orbs/spheres
- Deconstruction – Small Silver Earring should decon correctly now
- Misc - Reinforcment items should no longer drop as they were not being used
- Misc - Robes made with the new health or energy abilities should now have the effect attached properly
- Misc - Descriptions for health and energy dusts have been updated
- Outfitter - Updated many Outfitter work order recipes that specified they required strengthener rather than the softener needed.
- Outfitter - Shadoweave bags should no longer be labeled as Bloodweave
- Outfitter - Rare cloth and leather refining recipes now have enhancements listed in their descriptions

- Dockhand Quentin has gone back on his temporary vow of silence and will now talk to PCs who are working on Breaking into the Business.
- Weaver Jekaqie outside of Khal is can now trade in certain quest rewards from the Ahgrammun lines. Should players accidentally double up on a certain station’s reward, they may trade her like for like.

- Rahz Inkur - Flameshell and Pyrewing will now drop two items each per kill
- Renton Keep – Appeasing Tharridon will now update correctly. Players who missed the update for step one when completing Fulfilling Their Needs should speak with Trisda Sentle.

- Majordomo’s Scale Greaves has been increased to rare status from uncommon
- Seskarlan’s Bauble has been increased to rare status from uncommon
- Flamesinger has been increased to heroic status from rare – this item will change to being soulbound in a future patch, you have been warned
- Drum of Zezzexxezzexx is now level 50, it was previously marked as level 45

~The Vanguard Team

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