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Build 1725 Patch Notes 1/30/2007
Veröffentlicht von: Gryphus am 19. 2007 um 22:09 Uhr  

Game Updates January 30,2007
Vanguard Patch Notes 1/30/2007
Welcome to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!
Congratulations!  You are now one of the first to witness the exciting, dangerous, and ever-changing world of Telon.  Telon is a living world, and like any world its early days is going to be fraught with turbulence. Expect us to have to “patch” any cracks as they appear for the first days.
We know you are excited to explore the world we created for you, and we are equally excited to have you here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape… enjoy the freedom… of Vanguard.
- Abilities with a harmful component will no longer put other group members in a PvP contest.
- Spells that change form will no longer allow you to switch PvP ’s.
- Quest items can no longer be sold to a merchant
- Shaman – Fixed an issue where you could receive your Patron Spirit quests too early causing you to not learn your Spirit Walk ability if completed before level 15. Those shaman who have finished the quests before level 15 should visit any shaman trainer to get their Spirit Walk ability upon reaching level 15. Followers of Tuurgin who have completed the quest line will need to speak to any Shaman Instructor and say “patronfix” to receive the Spirit Walk ability. NOTE: This only applies to those shaman who have completed the Patron Spirit questlines prior to this patch OR who were not yet level 15 when completed.
- The Thestran amateur blacksmith quest now requires only three pairs of sabatons, not four.
- The quest the Artist’s Supplies will now ask for a specific type of quartz jewel.
- The travel journal for “Stop the Calamity” has been updated with the correct location for Norrie Bilstro.
- Fixed issue with “Obtaining the Documents” in which you could speak with the quest targets in the wrong order, requiring you to start over again.
- Telyn Boarmaul will no longer try to kill orcs and goblins who try to take the horse quest from him. Caution in Ca’ail Brael is still advised for greenskin visitors…
- Martok now has Civic Diplomacy for Soldiers and Crafters. Greenskins rejoice!
- Mekalia now has Civic Diplomacy for Crafters. Bring Low the Underking!
- Martok and Mekalia’s Civic Diplomacy Trainers are now turned on and ready to train YOU!
- Graag has been made to heel quite a bit more in the newbie varanthari line. He should be easier to beat.
- The Spiritragers got the hint from Graag and have fallen in line with the others. They should be easier to beat.
- Hubert Ringsworth is no longer a terrifying opponent for young halfling diplomats. And he tells me he loves pumpkin and potato compote.
- Other decks here and there were also altered to make them a little more reasonable to play against. This will be an ongoing process.
- Kev Wematmani has remembered he is of noble blood, and not just a bookworm. He is now a Noble and you can proceed with the Civic Diplomacy Training quest in Khal.
- Increase the Watch now gives out the proper Accuracy buff.
- You should no longer receive double credit for Civic Diplomacy in Hathor Zhi.
- C’estari Erenai as well as many other NPCs have had their decks altered to make them more appropriate opponents. This will be an ongoing process.
- Civic Diplomacy Domestic levers removed from Ca’ail Brael. No Domestics in the city means no need for Domestic levers!
- Greatly decreased the decay rate of Civic Diplomacy levers in all Civic Diplomacy locations. Buffs will remain for a longer period of time as a result.
- There is now a Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana Informant in Three Rivers/Themnwar’s Shield and Veskal’s Exchange for your information trading needs!
- Apprentice Dalenax no longer does whatever it is gnomes do to not be in line of sight when you are looking right at them.
- Niyuturr's Scaled Greaves should now be appropriately named.
- Added a bindstone just outside of Tanvu city (PvP’ers rejoice!).
- Moved the altar in Jalen’s Crossing to an area with no NPC’s (and so ended the era of infinite death loops).
- Updated the trade window to color item names and a few other minor fixes.
- Items in a player trade will now show the correct stats and other data.
- Your characters' server names are now shown in the character select list.
- Items in a bank will now show the correct stats.
- The market brokers will now give proper information about why you can't place an item on the market.
~The Vanguard ’

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