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Build 1726 Patch Notes 1/31/2007
Veröffentlicht von: Gryphus am 19. 2007 um 22:08 Uhr  

Game Updates January 31,2007

Vanguard Patch Notes 1/31/2007

Welcome to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes!

You are now one of the first to witness the exciting, dangerous, and ever-changing world of Telon.  Telon is a living world, and like any world its early days are going to be fraught with turbulence. Expect us to have to “patch” any cracks as they appear for the first days.

We know you are excited to explore the world we created for you, and we are equally excited to have you here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape… enjoy the freedom… of Vanguard.


- A level component has been added to your chance to stealth, sneak and hide. This makes gaining skill much easier.
- The stealth, sneak and hide skill gain rate has been significantly increased.
- Melee AE attacks have had their costs slightly increase.


- The Druid, Necromancer and Psionicist have had there nuke damage increased.
- Bard – Invisibility song components are no longer maintained.
- Bard – Slightly lowered the movement increase for Tynen’s Components.
- Psionicist - Thought Pulse now has a 4 second refresh timer.
- Psionicist – Mirage is no longer a maintained ability.
- Shaman – Removed two abilities from the Rakurr (wolf) pet that were not intended.
- Shaman – Skin of Rakurr now grants 8% chance to crit instead of 108%.
- Shaman – Skin of Rakurr should now modify chance to crit for auto attack, too.
- Shaman – Skin of Rakurr’s movement speed bonus should no longer stack with other movement speed buffs.
- Shaman – Skin of Tuurgin now properly raises auto attack damage.
- Shaman – You should no longer be able to be in patron form while you have a summoned attendant.
- Shaman – Removed the + spell damage from Skin of Rakurr and lowered the melee damage mod by 2%.


- Added harvesting tools to the General Goods Vendors.
- The outpost locations for the level ten crafting outpost quests have been changed for most starting cities.
- A few artificer and outfitter recipes that were missing from certain Thestran basic trainers have been added.
- Attuning dusts have been added to utility vendors.
- Outposts now give double the continental artisans faction of regular cities and towns.
- Outposts now give artisan faction for the city they trade heavily with (if any).
- Outposts now give normal city faction for doing work orders in an outpost that city trades heavily with. If you do enough work orders and gain enough faction with them, hostile cities may become more tolerant of you, allowing access to content inside the city.
- The outpost quest in each city now has directions to get there safely in addition to the already present waypoint.
- Some obsolete recipes have been removed from game.
- Erron in Leth Nurae will now properly switch your trade if asked.


- Players should find much less frustration parleying with Sylwen, Prince Dargand, Keyvan Minoo, Getzin the Gnome, and Hubert Ringsworth.
- “Dreamspeaker” now fails correctly when the timer runs out.
- Deck transmogrification continues.
- Some alterations to the Civic Diplomacy levers in many cities.
- There is now an alternate source of Diplomacy experience in the form of a group of soldiers that need your diplomatic skills! Speak with your local racial trainer to get the lowdown. This content is available only for players below 40 skill.


- Uvela should now properly direct players to the various shrines.
- Altered a roaming (potentially) KOS npc who would sometimes path near the corpse altar in Qa Riverbank.
- Fixed several NPCs that erroneously had Khal faction assigned to them
- Added increase to Upside Alliance for slaying Ksaravi Rat Men
- Decreased the amount of faction required to gain to become “Not Killed On Sight” in various starting areas and the few outposts that are hostile
- NPCs that drop coin will no longer do so at a 100% rate its still quite a high rate, but it was out of whack with other forms of money making
- Many outpost NPCs in Jalen’s Crossing are now on the Students of Lao’Jin faction, the students are much more understanding than other inhabitants of the continent
- Challenge Rating on many NPCs in the Ksaravi Gulch dungeon have been modified allowing more diverse groups of players to experience the content
- Entrepreneur Nargix setup his General Goods shop at the Tracker Camp within the Wildgrowth Forest.
- Increased the number of spawn points of Pod Tree Sprouts within the Wildgrowth Forest associated with the quest “What’s in the Pods?”
- Uvela now knows about how many wisp corpses are needed to repair the shrines
- Foruil Gladesworn now knows the location of the Imperial Poacher
- wildlife in the northern plains of Thestra is generaly slightly less dangerous now
- Verdant Lurkers are less likely to notice when their friends are being killed
- Verdant Lurkers are generally less dangerous people than they used to be
- the quest “Breaking The Mindbreaker” is now properly listed as Group
- Mihdi Khadim is now (appropriately) female.
- Martok - Put dot on the map for Port of Martok.
- Rindol Field - Some quests in Rindol Field were incorrectly marked as ‘Solo.’ They are now correctly marked as ‘Group.’
- The Ksaravi Hostage should no longer aggro surrounding mobs.
- Rindol Field - In the quest, “Take Back the Mill,” the waypoint to the Storehouse Mill has been updated.
- Tursh - Added a waypoint to Shimmerleaf Lake for the quest, “No Fish for Tursh.”
- Bind Stone Additions
- Additional bindstones added to the continent of Martok.
- Additional bindstones added to areas surrounding the Village of Three Rivers
- Bindstone added in the general vicinity of the Upside Defense Garrison on Skrilien Point
- Atlar added in the general vicinity of the Upside Defense Garrison on Skrilien Point
- The entrance to Kalendra's Coven should no longer have bunched up mobs.
- Bindstones added to
- Hathor Zhi
 - Tanvu
- outpost on side of island
- blighted land outpost
- Leth Nurae
- Northern Plains
- Hilsbury/Misthaven
- River Valley
- camp/tents outside the valley
- small village inside the valley
- Kurashasa area
- arena
- Qa Riverbank


- Fixed a bug causing the value of max expertise from one item to not show up in the Equipment Expertise tooltip.

~The Vanguard ’

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