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Build 1728 Patch Notes 2/1/2007
Veröffentlicht von: Gryphus am 19. 2007 um 22:07 Uhr  

Game Updates February 01,2007

Vanguard Patch Notes 2/1//2007 for build 1728

GAMEPLAY NOTES                                                                                           

- The automatic defensive target self setting now saves.
- After death you will be immune to aggro. A 30 second timer will begin once you have moved. Beneficial skills will not cancel this effect.
- Updated multiple travel journal entries for Tursh.
- The Tursh bindstone has been moved to a more convenient location.
- Raian Vases no longer occur in mysterious pairs.
- A new quest is available at the north Neamsog bunker.
- The beginning of the Infineum quest line has seen significant alterations and polish; this should not break the quest for anyone that is currently on it. 
- The runic consoles in the Ark of Harmony now port the group of the person that uses them, as originally intended.
- Numerous items have had their icon and descriptions corrected.
- Several Vendors that did not have their merchant list now have their items for sale!
- Bindstones have been added near: Tahean's Vengeance; Veskal’s Exchange; Arlinora's Retreat; Dark Horse Track; The Beacon of Hafeez al'Azzimat; and the Refugee Camp in Jharru Flats.
- Camels can now be purchased form the camel merchant starting at rank 2


- Bard - Song components will no longer automatically be added to the hotbar when you learn them, as you can't use them from there anyway.
- Bard - The Bard Trainer in Tursh should now sell instruments like other bard trainers
- Bard - Swirl of the Tempest (all ranks) now display their floating damage numbers correctly.
- Dread Knight – Increased the aggro modifiers of your special attacks.  They are now similar to the other tanks.
- Druid - Increased the damage of the earthen brute’s attacks.
- Druid-“Lighting Strike” (rank 3-5) and “Call Lighting” (all ranks) no longer display “Resisted” when they are actually hitting and doing damage.  The abilities were functioning correctly, just the over the head combat text was incorrect.
- Rogue – You can no longer pickpocket any race.
- Sorcerer - Summoned rings are now unique, no drop, and no rent as intended
- Warrior – Fixed an issue with the Defensive Form quest in Lomshir. You should now be able to complete the quest and get your defensive form.
- Counter spells have had their refresh times reduced.
- Hit points have been increased for the Sorcerer, Druid, Necromancer, Psioncist and Bloodmage.
- Upper damage melee attacks and percent attacks have had their endurance costs reduced.
- Upper damage ranged (bow) attacks, percent attacks and AE attacks have had their endurance costs reduced.


- The outpost quest and outpost horse renting have been moved to crafting level 11 to match the changes to the tier quests and specialization quests.
- The amateur tier-directing quest now is granted at 11, not 10, to reflect the updated amateur tier quest.
- You now need to actually assemble the needle to finish the Ca’ial Brael outfitter training.
- Kef Jortul has been moved to a more accessible spot in the general area of Martok.
- Updated descriptions on 1 and 3 item work orders that said they gave a chance at a rare item.
- Made all crafted items bindable
- Fixed equip issues with crafted rings
- Fixed unrecognizable tool issues
- Ornate crossbow can no longer be equipped
- Work order supply pack reward values have been adjusted to give a little less cash items
- Repair Tools and the remedies that love them have finally decided on a name
- Modified XP progression some
- Mangled Tool is fixed
- Uneven Modification is fixed
- Weak Product’s description is fixed
- Stretched Fabric description is fixed
- Skipped Detail description is fixed
- Loose clamp description is fixed
- Odd shape description is fixed
- Careful Sculpting description is fixed
- Rindol Field Medal has been removed from work order reward tables


- Quest “Thinkers of the Thinkery” is available from Wizard Malkavar in Three River’s.
- There are now more brokers available who will accept crude and significant information. Arcana, Blackmail, Trends, and Plots brokers have been added to Namsoong and Dark Horse Down’s Racetrack. Arcana, Blackmail, and Trends brokers have been added to Tawar Galan. And a Blackmail Broker has been added to Tursh.


- Several NPCs in the Tainted Lands have had their spawn rate corrected.


-You will no longer need to confirm looting No Drop items on your own corpse.

- Rarities in the "Random for Magical" group loot option will now be colored and the names will match usage everywhere else.
- Item stats now display properly in the Loot Roll window.
- NPC attacks and spells will now display descriptions.

~The Vanguard ’

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