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Build 1803 Patch Notes 4/11/2007
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Game Updates April 11,2007

Vanguard Build 1803 Patch Notes 4/11/2007

Ever wondered what kinds of things the developers of Vanguard have in store for the game? Wonder no more! With the new In the Works webpage, we will be giving a quick glimpse of the projects we’re currently working on. The page will show both short term and long term goals, as well as provide a top 10 bug list. You can find the page here.

- City
Teleporters - Captain Jiral in Khal will now offer his services to Diplomats and Crafters of the appropriate skill or level.
- Damage Shields are no longer subject to mitigation. 
- NPCs above level 50 should now drop cash and coin loot.
- Having a reactive heal will no longer prevent damage shields and procs from working as intended.
- Multiple procs will now be properly displayed
- Some issues with buffs and chunks not having the intended results have been fixed.
- Sea Portals should now be visible on the in-game map.
- On the PVP servers, you should now be able to target opponent pets without holding control.
- Toggled abilities can now be toggled off even if you don’t meet the use costs.
- PvP players with pets and DoT’s rejoice! You will now receive kill credit for kills with your pet or DoT.
- Secondary targets on spells and attacks now follow the same range rules as primary targets of the ability.
- Player pets that have clickable special attacks now have appropriate range checking. The pet’s owner will receive chat message when an attack fails for this reason.

- Druid, Necromancer and Psionicist damage over time spells have had their damage increased.
- Blood Mage - damage over times spells have had their damage increased.
- Blood Mage - AE spells have had their damage increased.
- Blood Mage – Added duration indicator on Translucence.
- Cleric - Added the Tactic Recognition skill.
- Disciple - attack damage has been increased for all special attacks.
- Disciple - base attack damage has been slightly increased.
- Disciple – Ra’Jin Flare now raises the Evocation skill instead of just claiming to
- Dread Knight – Shield of Fear now grants block % based on what your current Dreadful Countenance is, instead of what it was when you first used the ability.
- Dread Knight –Dark Bastion now grants armor class based on what your current Dreadful Countenance is, instead of what it was when you first used the ability.
- Dread Knight – Devour Mind no longer resets to 0 when you log in with it on.
- Dread Knight – Devour Mind can no longer be cancelled in pvp.
- Dread Knight – Devour Strength no longer resets to 0 when you log in with it on.
- Dread Knight – Devour Strength can no longer be cancelled in pvp.
- Dread Knight – Incite should now cost 10 END.
- Dread Knight – Inflame should now cost 10 END.
- Dread Knight – Increased the damage on Word of Doom.
- Dread Knight – Lowered the refresh of Word of Doom to 5 minutes, down from 15 minutes
- Dread Knight – Increased the critical chance of Word of Doom
- Dread Knight – Increased damage on Cull
- Dread Knight – Removed stun requirement on Cull
- Dread Knight – Cull now has a 1.5 second cast time, up from Instant cast
- Dread Knight – Increased the energy cost of Cull
- Dread Knight – Increased damage of Bane
- Dread Knight – Vile Strike no longer requires Dreadful Countenance level 3 to activate
- Dread Knight – Vile Strike now has an energy drain component.
- Dread Knight – Added the new counter attack ability line Retaliate to all trainers
- Dread Knight - Anguish no longer requires Dreadful Countenance level 3 to activate
- Dread Knight – Increased the Hate addition on Incite.
- Dread Knight – Anguish now deals damage over time, returning that health in energy to you.
- Dread Knight – The endurance cost penalty on Ebon Blade form applies itself correctly now.
- Dread Knight – Armor of Darkness no longer gives an increasing damage debuff as you level it up. It stays at a flat 10% decrease.
- Dread Knight – Shadow Meld now increases Block instead of dodge.
- Dread Knight – All forms now show icons to indicate how it is affecting you at the current phase.
- Dread Knight – Nexus of Hatred should no longer aggro npcs that aren’t attacking your defensive target.
- Dread Knight – Devour Strength now has the correct particle effect instead of Devour Mind’s particle effect.
- Druid – Fixed many display issues.  Soothe and your DoTs should now give the correct information in their tooltips.
- Druid – Earthen Brute’s are now less spammy when they spawn.
- Monk – Increased the effectiveness of Dragon Stance slightly and added a visual indicator of the regeneration values.
- Monk – Storm Dragon Stance has been altered.  It now increases damage by a percentage, increases crit chance and adds a chance to proc a large lightning based damage spell.
- Monk – Drunken Mastery Stance has been altered.  It now increases the hate generated by all attacks, grants a 10% decrease to refresh timers for abilities that are executed while in the stance and it still increases dodge chance by 5%.
- Monk – Harmonious Body Stance now adds Jin every 10 seconds, down from 20.
- Necromancer – Added Skin Grafts to Necropsy loot tables
- Paladin – Wrath of Vol Anari has been added to trainers starting at level 26
- Ranger – Tame now lasts a flat amount of time instead of a variable amount of time. The durations have also been increased across the board.
- Ranger – Calm Creature now lasts 25 seconds, up from 18.
- Ranger – Drastically increased the HP of your summoned companion.
- Ranger – Slightly increased the damage of your summoned companion.
- Ranger – Parry III stops your auto attack just like Parry I and Parry II
- Rogue – Added the tactic Recognition skill back to your perception and concealment skill pool.
- Rogue – Evacuation Scroll now has an activation time of 7 seconds. Advanced Evacuation Scroll now has a cast time of 5 seconds. These cast times have increased from your previous times.
- Shaman – Grasp of Goromund is now actually a conjuration spell.  It will no longer increase evocation.
- Shaman - Added the Tactic Recognition skill.
- Sorcerer – Amplify Celerity now has a 5 minutes refresh timer.
- Warrior – Withdraw will now work on all opponents near your defensive target.  Each upgrade increases the amount of hate that is reduced.
- Warrior – The energy cost of Withdraw has been increased.
- Warrior – When Rend Armor crits, you can chain Stinging Cut into Biting Blades now.
- Warrior – Shield Wall now requires you to have a shield equipped
- Warrior – Taunting Strike VI will now cause chains to trigger when it crits.
- Warrior – Roar of Fury no longer triggers global recovery
- Warrior – Protect no longer breaks mezzes.
- Warrior – Offensive form now lowers mitigation by 10% of your current and not by a flat amount.

- Romandar Whitebeard now properly asks for five items, not eight, for the Thestran apprentice outfitter quest. The quest objects were already correct; this only fixes an inconsistency in his dialogue.
- Goshi Masape should be less of a chatterbox.
- All striking procs should no longer break stealth
- An error with players not receiving experience for the Blacksmith Thestran Initiate quest has been fixed.
- High level harvesting bags, saddlebags, and harvesting clothes recipes are now available on Kojan trainers.
- The diplomacy recipe “Orange Skirt” now has the proper grade A reward.
- The practice caravel deck recipe will now consume the correct amount of resources.
- Corrected an issue with the Kojani vielthread window coverings recipe.
- Updated the text display of several crafting dusts, powders, shards, and crystals.
- Fixed bows and crossbows that had the wrong ability attached to them.
- Fixed many Journeyman Blacksmith work order recipes that were failing to complete.
- Corrected the stats on horseshoe packs.  This was a display issue only.
- Corrected several secondary items that were displaying the incorrect bonuses.  Display issue only.
- Corrected several novice outfitter refining work orders that were asking for the hides instead of textiles.
- Corrected some Tier 5 armor pieces that were not displaying stats.  Specifically “Scholar’s” items “of Mystical Alacrity”.
- The “Sew” action that uses a ruler is now called “Measure.”
- Some indoor taskmasters have been moved outside.
- You no longer need to log out and log back in after first completing the Charm Maker quests to make charms.
- T2 crafted Plate and Chain/Leather armor sets should now all match.
- The Straight Cut crafting action is now Straight Stitch to better reflect the tool it uses.
- The recipes that need to be completed to join the New Targonor crafting organizations have been lowered in difficulty.
- While Harvesting, you will now receive the full benefits of your Adventuring items.
- Fixed the bug where you would always see the first catalyst you added for the first recipe that took a catalyst for all later recipes.
- Fixed issue with Gift of might series that was causing some attributes to not be included
- A new diplomacy deconstruction quest has been added to Tawar Galan. It is available only to mineralogists.
- The item Shandrel’s Focus has had its description updated to better explain its effects.
- The description for the quest “Grodek’s New Hammer” has been edited to be clearer.
- Fixed issue causing decons to give resources a tier higher
- The crafters who have uncovered Kalind’s closely-guarded training techniques can now utilize bonus actions in certain special recipes.
- The Gwartak Clan recipes now have a special action family in their makeup.
- More clothing merchants have been added to various cities.
- Taskmaster wander radius has been decreased slightly, and wait time has been increased slightly.
- A few crafting quests that were giving notably low experience have had that value increased.
- Health resonance dust should now add the effect Boon of Health. This effect will increase the effectiveness of heals cast on you. This effect does stack, becoming more powerful the more pieces you wear.
- Energy resonance dust should now add the effect Arcane Gift. This effect adds energy regen and an increase to your energy pool. This effect does stack, becoming more powerful the more pieces you wear.
- Crafting spheres and orbs now display their proper trades.
- Outfitter bandage recipes have had their descriptions updated.
- Repair Stone recipe now uses Sandstone instead of soapstone
- The Enchanted Refined Materials quest recipe for the Thestran crafting organizations has been made more appropriate to the quest level.
- Platinum Rings advanced work order recipe has been fixed to provide the correct item.
- The improperly named advance work order “Advanced Research” given by Robai Wyneb is now titled “Brilliant Rings.”
- Harvest Charm recipes now display required grade for success.
- A recipe for crafting expendables has been added to the crafting organizations in New Targonor and Ahgram. You can only learn the recipe for the organization you belong to.
- The “Seer’s Amulet” recipe has been adjusted to better fit in with the quest it is attached to.
- The continental style quest recipes have been better adjusted to fit the level of the quest.
- The faction loss for abandoning a crafting organization quest has been lowered slightly.
- The total action points for the quest recipe “Enchanted Refined Materials” have been increased.
- Members of the crafting organizations you have worked closely with should now react differently to you.
- Drogan and Cort in Tursh should no longer be “Stuck!”
- Some issues with wandering taskmasters have been resolved.
- The Deebs crafting outpost no longer gives Thestran Artisan faction for completed work orders.
- Changing specializations now gives you the appropriate title.
- Gwartak Clan crossbow now actually fires bolts rather than arrows.
- A typo was corrected with Katako’s blacksmith training being labeled as artificer training halfway during the tutorial quest series.
- A number of advanced work orders have had their recipe skill changed.
- Corrected several items that were not providing the correct deconstruction rewards.
- Upside Alliance faction is now gained for doing work orders at the Oasis outpost.
- Fieldwork Toolbelt has had its stats adjusted.
- A quest has been added to New Targonor for allies of the Black Diamond Mercenaries.
- More furniture recipes have been added to trainers.

- The Leth Nurae Arcanists in Southwatch have been moved so that players will not aggro mobs from the wall as they parley with them.
- Conflicts regarding the location of the gnomish emissaries in “New Partnerships” have been cleared.
- Jasmine now directs you more clearly in the quest “Dreamspeaker.”
- The varanthari diplomacy newbie quest “Deduction” now correctly requires you to have completed “Legends of the Raiders” and be on the quest “Love Letters Lost.”
- The Tanvu quest “Learn Rebuttal” is now an Interview – allowing you to actually practice using your new Rebuttal.
- You now get the title “Juritor” when you complete the Tanvu quest “Unworthy and Unwise.” Those who have completed the quest previously and did not receive this title can speak with Ji Ki the Teacher, in front of the Emperor’s home.
- The post-title “Clerk of the Empire” has been changed to a pre-title of “Clerk” for those who have begun the half-elf/kojani human newbie diplomacy quests.
- You now get a title when you complete the Lomshir varanthari diplomacy newbie line. If you have previously completed this quest line, speak with Qarouk Telourshed and he will grant this title.
- The following titles have been changed: “Clerk of Red Silk” is now “of Red Silk”, “Juritor of Copper Cups” is now “of Copper Cups”, “Juritor of Paper Prayers” is now “of Paper Prayers”, “Juritor of Silk Wisdom” is now “of Silk Wisdom”, “Juritor of Dreaming Skies” is now “of Dreaming Skies” and “Juritor of Harmonious Speech” is now “of Harmonious Speech.” These titles can be used with “Clerk” and “Juritor” to make the appropriate combinations.
- Renton Keep now has an expanded Civic Diplomacy radius – allowing you to gain the effects of Civic buffs and move levers on the NPCs outside the keep itself.
- Changed the Incite Domestic lever to be more difficult and provide a more powerful buff in Renton Keep.
- Diplomacy NPC deck revamp begun throughout Telon. New decks placed on many NPCs in New Targonor, Tursh, Tanvu, Ca’ail Brael, Tawar Galan, Mekalia, Leth Nurae, Rindol Field, Lomshir, Hathor/Pankor Zhi, Martok (goblins). This is an ongoing process – as we add a greater variety of cards for players, we will convert a growing percentage of existing NPCs to the new decks. All new Diplomacy NPCs will feature these new decks. This is to disrupt gameplay as little as possible, while providing expanded gameplay.
- The quest A Mysterious Case is now obtainable by dark elf diplomats of at least skill 40 from Legionnaire Ikari in Hathor Zhi.
- Writs are now available with the Petitioners of Martok for diplomats of at least 150 skill and 500 prestige faction with the city of Martok. Look in and around the Chamber of the War Council to find them milling around the leaders and other advisors.
- Writs are now available with the Petitioners of Pankor Zhi for diplomats of at least 150 skill and 500 prestige faction with the city of Pankor Zhi. Look in the Halls of Justice to find them walking among the other officials.
- Vhaloria will now correctly give out her poem when you defeat her in parley in the Tier 2 Kojani horse quest.
- The merchants NPC’s parleyed with in “Intercepting Contraband” are now domestics so that the presence is more easily attainable.
- Tier 2 Diplomacy tack has received a boost to its effectiveness.
- Quest objectives in “A Cause for Interference” will now properly display and update with the names of the groups in Ahgram you need to parley with.
- The NPC’s needed to parley with in New Targonor’s “Ghost-ese” now require soldier presence instead of outsider.
- Quest Objectives of the Ca’ial Brael writ “A Warden’s Betrayal” have been made clearer.
- Queen Ilyia will now complete the Bordinar’s Cleft writ “Elves Against the East.”
- Emerald Matrices now show a green gem icon.
- You will now gain prestige with Ca’ial Brael rather than losing it for completing the writ “A Warden’s Betrayal” in Ca’ial Brael.
- The writ “New Partnerships” now has a travel journal entry for the gnomish emissaries.
- The Ahgram writ “Procuring Leverage” now correctly sends you to Dallaraz the Administrator in Pankor Zhi instead of Karmala.
- You now gain faction with The Circle of Ten when you complete the Leth Nurae writs: Research Exchange Treaty and Strange Bedfellows
- You now lose faction with The Circle of Ten when you complete the Leth Nurae writ: Power Corrupts
- In the Leth Nurae writ Research Exchange Treaty you no longer gain House Hilthorn faction and no longer lose College of Magic faction.  You now lose Halgarad faction instead.
- Writs are now available with the various Directors of affairs in New Targonor for diplomats of at least 150 skill and 500 prestige faction with the City of New Targonor. Look in the Temple of the Fathers to find them walking around amongst themselves and speaking with the King.
- Writs are now available with the various Administrators in Khal for diplomats of at least 150 skill and 500 prestige faction with the City of Khal. Look for them in the Office of the Port Authority near Jaluna Fenn.
- Writs are now available with the various Superintendents in Tanvu for diplomats of at least 150 skill and 500 prestige faction with the City of Tanvu. Look for them in the courtyard with the great bell across from the palace of the Emperor.
- Diplomacy clothing now fits within the Informant’s Valise and future Diplomacy containers.
- Informant’s Valise now applies a weight reduction on carried Diplomacy clothing.
- Informant’s Valise’s capacity slightly increased.
- Instigator Vests now actually modify Incite conversations, as indicated on the item description.
- Entertainer Gowns now actually modify Entertain conversations, as indicated on the item description.
- Tier 3 Thestran Diplomacy leg items now display the appropriate icon, and now equip in the appropriate location.

- Abammisi Lake
– Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is intended for players levels 45-50.
- Afrit - There is now a warrior trainer within Afrit.
- Dahknarg - Updated and corrected some travel journal entries pertaining to instructors and armor vendors in Dahknarg.
- The Deebs – Jagund the Wavebreaker is now more difficult, although he still remains unitemized.
- Fisher’s Pen – You will no longer be attacked by overland creatures when attempting to use the outfitter fitting table.
- Gorgalok - The Gorgalok Champion event is now available more often.
- Gorgalok - Tishra the Bloodpriest will now reset after sitting unagro for 15 minutes.
- Gorgalok - Fixed a visual problem with the Spore Destroyers in the Gorgalok Region.
- Gulgrethor - Gulgrethor Soldier’s will now give the correct faction change upon death.
- Hathor Zhi - The quest “Find Dreven’s Allies” in Hathor Zhi has had a correction made to its travel journal entry. It should now point you in the right direction.
- Jathred’s Twist - 12 new quests added in Jathred’s Twist
- Khal - Guard Tarsa will now properly give directions when asked.
- Marsh of Peril – In the quest, “Recover our History,” the ‘stolen ancient tomes’ are now ‘stolen elven tomes.’ They are still found within piles of books in Thelaseen.
- Misthaven Crossing - 40 new quests added in Misthaven Crossing
- NPCs - Respawn on the Stonesmashers has been adjusted to a more manageable level.
- Nusibe Necropolis – Mob respawn timers have been slightly adjusted.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – Select NPCs now detect invisibility as well as improved stealth detection.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – The Orb of the Eternal Flame is now spawned at all times
- Pantheon of the Ancients – The hit point values for the Avatar of Mara and the Avatar of Caia have been significantly increased.
- Quests - The United Races of Thestra is recruiting adventurers from levels15-20. Interested players should visit level appropriate outposts throughout Thestra.
- Quests - The Lucent Circle is recruiting adventurers from levels 45-50. Interested players should visit their encampment in Tehatamani Harbor.
- Quests – Task for Southwatch: Eradicate the Plague Vermin – Fixed a bug where the quest could complete early.
- Quests – Ghosts Among Us – Fixed a bug where incorrect npc’s were giving quest credit.
- Quests – Lower the Guard – Fixed a bug so all Heavy Guards will advance the quest.
- Quests – Command of the Ogre King – Fixed a faction bug where Ogres would attack you even though they should not.
- Quests - Lover’s Quarrel – Beldra Goldhammer will now behave correctly upon spawn at Lookout Point.
- Quests – Baleful Crossings: You will not be able to combine the orbs until you have all orbs and all 50 kills.
- Quests – The Right Stuff: Torn Piece of Cloth will now stack up to 8, and will no longer drop once you have all 8 in your inventory.
- Quests - Undead Men Rising: You will receive a stack of 20 Bone Marrow Crunchies instead of 12.
- Quests – The Gathering Magic: The essences will now disappear once you absorb them with Azara’s Ring.
- Quests - Added new quests in and around the Misthaven area. Players should now find that Farmer John is now a point of some interest.
- Quests - The quest “The End of Innocence” has been split into two quests. The pauldrons previously given as a reward are now given out by the quest “Henchmen of Zar.” Feren Asrel in Silverlake now offers “Henchmen of Zar” as a follow-up quest to “A Scarcity of Griffons.” Your progress in killing the Zar defilers, dreadlords, and adepts should be preserved, though you will have to complete the quest “A Scarcity of Griffons” if you haven’t done it yet. The quest “The End of Innocence” is now offered to players level 21 and up, and no longer requires players to slay any Zar defilers, dreadlords, or adepts. If you are level 19-20, and you already picked up the quest “The End of Innocence,” you will still be on the quest. “The End of Innocence” no longer offers any item reward, though the quest chain that it will soon begin will offer a reward far better than any shoulder armor...
- Rahz Inkur – Vial of Light is now tradable.
- Rahz Inkur - Rahz Inkur region has received an additional content pass. The Var Efreet of Afrit now have goods to trade in exchange for objects of value to them.
- Rahz Inkur – Night of Zull – A bug has been fixed with last patch’s changes and powerful efreeti will now correctly spawn their soul orbs upon death.
- Shrine of the Flame – some population has changed
- Spider Bluffs – some population has changed
- Tanvu - The quest series for Lieutenant Mito in Naki Dojo near Tanvu was unable to be completed if you abandoned or declined the quest “Cleaning Up”. This issue has been corrected and if you abandon/decline it, it should still be available for you to take at a later time.
- Tanvu - The door to the Emperor’s chambers is now locked. If you have business with the Emperor of Tanvu, speak with Ji Ki the Teacher (Most Trusted of the Emperor).
- Tar Janashir - 5 more solo quests have been added to the Tar Janashir area.
- Tar Janashir - A solo event has been added to the Tar Janashir area.
- Tar Janashir - There have been multiple “solo” and “small group” quests added to the Tar Janashir area.
- Tehatamani Harbor – Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is intended for players levels 45-50.
- Temple of Dailuk - Tablets of Awakening will now complete for all players possessing the tablet shards when Nerhtisfer is awakened
- Temple of Dailuk - Stone Tablets should now be lootable by multiple players
- Temple of Tehatamani - Has been fully repopulated and itemized. It is intended for players levels 45-50.
- Vol Tuniel - Modified a number of the more powerful NPCs to no longer flee at low life
- Vsurog Moor - Galsem the Velok Breeder in Vsurog Moor has been itemized.

- The Legendary weapons from Marsh of Peril have had effects added to them.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – 42 new items have found their way into this dungeon, both for completing the final encounter as well as sacrificing one’s Cloak of the Pantheon.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – Players sacrificing their Cloak of the Pantheon in exchange for the Key of Eternal Flame will now be rewarded with a Cache of Flame. The Cache of Flame, when opened, will always provide a usable item to your particular class.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – Leggings of Patience have received a minor boost in power.
- Pantheon of the Ancients - Leggings of Patience are now properly labeled as medium armor.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – Leg guards of Trials are now properly labeled as medium armor.
- The Righteous Gavel is no longer flagged as unique.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – The Righteous Gavel is now only usable by the following classes: Cleric, Paladin, Shaman, Blood Mage. Disciples who currently have this item may speak with Ini-Herat the Attendant within the Immortal Sanctum to exchange for a more appropriate reward. This exchange may only take place once per Disciple character.
- Pantheon of the Ancients – Added a martial weapon to the loot table that is only obtainable via sacrificing a Cloak of the Pantheon.
- Ancient Ksaravi Ulak is no longer flagged as unique.
- Youngsteele’s Ale is now flagged as a quest item.
- The Hyper-Cloth Deep Sea Mask now equips as a mask rather than an earring.
- The Circlet of Eternity will now function and report properly.
- The Gown of Eternity has had a more useful ability attached to it.
- Mistral Slivers should drop much more commonly
- More Mistral Slivers are needed to turn in for Dull Mistral Shards (old Mistral Slivers can be used to make 10 new Mistral Slivers)
- Wind of Decay has had it’s statistics adjusted; the Martial Staff no longer has “caster” statistics and modifiers.

- Toggled abilities will no longer gray out when they can still be toggled off.

- Fixed the problems on PVP servers where pets attacking you would spam "Perceived!" and "Overlooked!" and sometimes spam their aggro sound which could lag sometimes.
- Fix for a fall-through-the-world scenario that could occur when changing chunks at a 4-way chunk border.
- Fixed some performance issues with the player housing areas that was still causing doors, NPC’s, and other objects not to display.
- Fixed an issue where crafting attributes were being refunded when characters were updated to a new version but crafting wasn’t affected.

~The Vanguard Team

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